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Sale Conditions

All parties ordering goods agree as follows:

1.1 - "Oz-e-buy" means OZ-E-BUY AUSTRALIA PTY LTD and shall include its successors assignees transferees and servants.
1.2 - "Customer" refers to the entity or person ordering goods.

It is the Customer's responsibility to keep Oz-e-buy advised of their correct name and address whilst they remain a debtor of Oz-e-buy.

Copyright material (including artworks, logos, etc.) created by Oz-e-buy and reproduced by Oz-e-buy on various products for its customers use, remains the absolute property of Oz-e-buy. No express or implied authorisation is given to reproduce in any way any such artwork, logo or other copyright material without the prior written consent of Oz-e-buy. This applies specifically to material created by Oz-e-buy, not to "ready to go art" material supplied by you (our customer).

4.1 - Oz-e-buy will only pay the cost of freight on returns where it issues a Return Authorisation Number and where Oz-e-buy's designated carrier is used.
4.2 - Where goods are customised and/or specially manufactured for the Customer and such stock is returned to Oz-e-buy without Oz-e-buy's Return Authorisation Number, Oz-e-buy reserves the right to refuse a credit and to charge reasonable storage fees until such time as the subject goods are paid for and picked up by the Customer.
4.3 - Where non-customised standard stock lines are supplied by Oz-e-buy in accordance with the Customer's order and such goods are returned without Oz-e-buy's Return Authorisation Number and Oz-e-buy subsequently agrees to credit such goods, a Re-Stock Fee of 20% of the invoice value of such goods returned will apply, payable within Oz-e-buy's normal terms of payment.

Claims will not be recognised after 7 days from date of invoice.

If payment is not received by Oz-e-buy within the terms specified on an order the following conditions apply:
6.1 - Interest on the outstanding debt shall accrue at the rate of 1.5% per month or Westpac Banking Corporation (Australia) prime lending rate plus 2.5%, whichever is the higher, until such outstanding debt is paid in full.
6.2 - All Costs (including Legal and Enforcement Costs) incurred in the collection of the debt shall be reimbursed by the debtor.

All disputes arising under, out of, or in any way connected with an order placed with Oz-e-buy (or one of Oz-e-buy's Sales Agents) shall be litigated exclusively in the courts in New South Wales within Australia.